Welcome to the resort Truskavets to have a rest in a private tourist sector (villas, cottages, private apartments). The rest in a private sector is elected by people, tired from everyday fuss and city noise. You will be truly able to enjoy a quiet, calmness and comfort, to taste the delicious Ukrainian dishes.

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Villa "Jasmine" Villa "Jasmine"
New villa in the city centre of Truskavets resort. There are 13 first-class, semiclass and standard numbers (general seating capacity - 24 persons). There is sattelite TV, refrigerator, telephone, electro-tea-pot, iron, hair dryer in every room, rest room with a shower.
Villa "Kamelia" Villa "Kamelia"
New private villa not far from a rehabilitation center "Elite" of doctor Kozyavkin. Wonderful kind on the Carpathian mountains from most numbers. Large green territory with arbours and a rest area.
Villa "Lidia" Villa "Lidia"
Villa "Lidia" offers 10 numbers (two-seater, three-seater and four-seater numbers) at your disposal. There are the two first classes in a hotel. There is a TV- set, refrigerator, iron, restroom and shower in each number. The water-supply is round-the-clock, the heating is autonomous.
Villa "Hospitable" Villa "Hospitable"
Villa "Hospitable" is situated in the picturesque corner of Truskavets not far from the pump-room of mineral waters. The rooms are equipped with everything to make an ideal rest. There are two-seater numbers and a super-class number. Villa invites everybody, who appreciates the comfort and carefully plans his rest.
Private Cottage "U Mykoly" Private Cottage "U Mykoly"
This is a two-storeyed cottage, which offers the 1-st floor to yous disposal. There is a living room with a TV set and kitchen on the floor, 2 bedrooms, each for two persons, a bathroom.
Private Cottage "Like at Home" Private Cottage "Like at Home"
This is a one-story house in 500 m. to Truskavets city center. There is the half of house with 2 two-seater rooms for your disposal. There are 2 bedrooms, each into 2 places with the possibility to add the third bed. Each room has a rest room with a shower.
Hotel "The Castle" Hotel "The Castle"
"The Castle" is a new three-storeyed resort hotel, stylezed by the Polish designers in a spirit of the romanticism. "The Castle" provides high-quality services: sauna with a pool, djakuzi, massage, drink-bar, sporting hall, tennis, bicycles, riding on horse, which'll the unforgettable rest for you!
Private Hotel "Ola" Private Hotel "Ola"
This mini-hotel has 2 numbers. Each number consists of 2 rooms for 2 persons. There is a sofa, television set, closet for clothes in the first room. There is a double bed with an orthopaedic mattress in the second room. The hall is common and is equipped by a bar.
Private Apartments "Domestic" Private Apartments "Domestic"
A new cottage with three-seater apartaments. There is a double bed, single sofa, television set, conditioner, fully equipped kitchen (gas-stove, refrigerator, necessary tableware), rest room with a shower and washing-machine in each number.
Hotel "At Father's" Hotel "At Father's"
If you appreciate the rest in a small, comfort and comfortable place, hotel "At Father's" is exactly what you need. There are 6 two-seater numbers and 2 single-seat numbers for your disposal. There is cable TV, Internet, refrigerator, telephone, bath or shower, rest room, bide in every number.
Villa "Tavrida" Villa "Tavrida"
This private villa in the center of Truskavets resort in the district of "The Crystal palace" sanatorium offers at your disposal 10 "first class" and "superclass" hotel numbers.
Private Apartments Taras&Co Private Apartments
4-rooms apartment for 6 persons in 500 metres to the center of resort Truskavets. There are two sleeping rooms, a living room, fully equipped kitchen, cloak-room, rest room with washstand, bath, washing-machine.
Mini Hotel "White Lotus" Mini Hotel "White Lotus"
Mini-hotel has 2 first class numbers. There is a double bed, closet-compartment, refrigerator, satellite TV, ironing board, iron, electro-tea-pot, necessary tableware in each number. Excellent infrastructure: massage cabinet, beauty salon, barbershop, trainer hall, solarium.
Villa "Rani" Villa "Rani"
This is a new private villa in the district of the railway station of Truskavets. There are first class and semiclass numbers for your disposal. A comfortable location gives the possibility to visit the pump-room of mineral waters, to take a complete course treatment in "Medpalace" rehabilitation center, resort policlinic, to spend time in night-clubs, restaurants.
Private Cottage "U Alexeya" Private Cottage "U Alexeya"
Private cottage "U Alexeya" is a new building with three-seater apartaments. There is a double bed, single sofa, TV-set, conditioner, fully equipped kitchen (gas-stove, refrigerator, necessary tableware), rest room with a shower and washing-machine in each number.
Apartments "Turnkey" Apartments "Turnkey"
This is a new three-storeyed building with four-seater suites on each floor. There is a private entrance on every floor. Suites contain: fully equipped kitchen, two two-seater rooms and a rest room. There are 2 single beds, TV-set, closet for clothes in every room.
Private Cottage "U Yaroslava" Private Cottage "U Yaroslava"
This is a two-storeyed house in 400 metres from the center of Truskavets-city, which provides 3 separate two-seater rooms. There are 2 beds, TV-set, refrigerator, electric tea-pot in each room and a rest room.
Private Cottage "U Haliny" Private Cottage "U Galiny"
Modern three-storeyed cottage into 6 places. There is a living room with a TV-set and kitchen on a ground floor, there is an output on a terrace from a kitchen, and also fire-place hall with a folding sofa (2 places). There are 2 bedrooms (each into 2 places) on the ground and second floor.